Roadshow Limousine service


You are planning a roadshow? To stick to the schedule is the highest priority? We support you during the planning process, so that meetings can be perceived on time. We take care of the disposition and scheduling of your journeys in your home country and abroad during your roadshow. Use the time during the drive for important calls or reviews with your colleagues. Your chauffeur will drive you safely to your next appointment. During standing time our chauffeurs are pleased to carry out an errand for you.

Tailor made service

Within the framework of our roadshow services we are pleased to provide several vehicles to guarantee a smooth operation. If you are combining flights and drives within your roadshow we are coordinating the different vehicles at the different destinations, so that you can enjoy the same accustomed comfort at every destination. We are pleased to provide small snacks to eat during the drive. If the time before your departure doesn’t allow a breakfast, you can enjoy a small breakfast aboard. For preparation of your internal roadshow time schedule you will receive the driver’s details in good time. We are always working proactively and will inform you immediately about closures or strikes, so that we can react at short notice. The same is true if your plans are changing spontaneously. One contact person is at your disposal during your total roadshow to have a clear overview.

Roadshow definition

Normally a roadshow is a certain amount of connected appointments which can be in a city, a country or in several countries in a certain period of time. The term roadshow is a well-known expression across sectors, for example in the finance, tourism or concert industry.